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Oxford is a fabric with a “pin” effect and has a less precise weave than poplin. Often, the colour thread is combined with a white thread, giving a checked look to this weave.
There are variances in thickness for Oxford weaves. American Oxford is a very thick shirt, ideal for a sportswear look that is nonetheless smart.
There are also Italian Oxfords that are softer and finer. These Oxfords can very much be used for formal or business shirts to wear to the office.

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An essential in the male wardrobe, the poplin shirt is typical of the majority of formal men's shirts. This is a traditional fabric, soft, comfortable and relatively light.

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End-on-end is a poplin with different colour threads: the light thread is mixed with a darker thread when weaving. The overlapping of these contrasting threads gives a slightly textured effect. End-on-end weave is as comfortable and soft as poplin. When it comes to style, this weave gives your shirt a slightly less formal look.

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Twill can be distinguished easily from other fabrics due to the visible diagonals that are created during weaving. Twill is hard to crumple, easy to iron and resistant. It is a natural choice for a winter shirt, which can be worn either for formal or relaxed situations. Some twills are very silky and used for formal shirts because they guarantee that your outfit stays perfect all day long.

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Herringbone, also known as “broken twill weave” has a V-shaped weaving pattern and the reputation for being both traditional and refined. It is characterised by a luxurious, silky feel. The herringbone is therefore very much appreciated for ceremonial shirts because it is dense and robust, and the smart weave guarantees a dressy look.

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Linen is a very fashionable fabric today! An ecological plant fibre, its production does not require irrigation and very few pesticides. Most linen is cultivated in Europe, especially in Normandy. For clothing, very durable shirts can be made: linen fibre is twice as robust as cotton, with equal fineness.
This natural fibre is ideal for direct contact with the skin, it does not pill, does not lose its shape and softens with washing! Linen has the reputation of being the ideal fabric to wear in summer, thanks to its breathable qualities. There are also thicker linens, which are perfect for spring, autumn and winter. Both high-quality and hard wearing, linen has become a timeless fabric.

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Chambray and denim are often mixed up, but they are not the same fabric! Chambray and denim are both fabrics with a coloured thread in the warp and a white thread in the weft, but the fabric is not made using the same method.

Opt for a denim if you want a robust bespoke shirt and a tight weave. Ideal for a casual, sporty look. Choose one of our soft, light chambrays if you are looking for a comfortable, versatile shirt.

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Flannel fabrics, whether made from cotton or wool, are easily recognisable by their velvety appearance. During weaving, the thread is lightly frayed, which gives a very soft look. Flannel shirts are above all warm, comfortable and much appreciated in winter.
Plain or dark coloured flannels can be used for formal shirts. In this case, a dark coloured herringbone flannel can be worn under a suit in the winter. There are also various flannels with motifs, checks, tartans, etc. Ideal for the creation of informal shirts, a flannel shirt can also be worn open as an overshirt.

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Modern corduroy is a ridged form of velvet, with vertical cords, called 'wales'. This weave, traditionally thick, is warm and comfortable. However, there are relatively light corduroys, which are ideal for making shirts. On the aesthetic side, there is no need to worry, corduroy is a traditional fabric that, thanks to its authentic and sophisticated characteristics, has been back in fashion for several years and is currently favourite with various fashion designers

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Seersucker is a puckered cotton fabric, generally striped or tartan, of Indian origin. This puckered effect comes from the alternate smooth coloured lines and puckered white lines, obtained by using different tensions on the weaving looms. This fabric is especially appreciated during warm weather because the cloth facilitates heat loss and air circulation. From an aesthetic point of view, seersucker will bring a relaxed, summery feel to your look. An ideal alternative to a linen shirt.

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Gabardine is a cotton fabric with a very tight weave, historically waterproof. The gabardines that we select at TailorGeorge are lighter and softer than the gabardines used for outdoors and will give your shirt a trendy, current and relaxed look.

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