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The quality of shirt assembly is essential, but the choice of fabric used is also a determining factor. Today, we work with the best European fabric manufacturers in the market, in Italy of course, but also in Portugal and the Czech Republic.


- Our greatest ally


Canclini is our historical supplier. Over the years, we have built strong commercial links with Guanzate, located near Lake Como in northern Italy. Since 2007, we have trusted their expertise and even though we have diversified our network of suppliers in recent years, Canclini still has a privileged place in our catalogue and is, for us, synonymous with quality. Twills, herringbones, poplins and flannels, all our popular classics come from them.


- The largest in Europe.


The Italian manufacturer Albini is a front-line player and quite simply the biggest producer of shirt fabric in Europe. We have no hesitation to take our pick of the most beautiful references in their catalogues, with sophisticated fabrics and textures in a sober and refined style.

Thomas Mason

- So British!

Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason is certainly the most illustrious fabric maker in the world. All the greatest shirt makers on the planet snatch up this historic company's Silverline and Goldline poplins. Founded in England in 1796 and part of the Albini group since 1992, the brand takes inspiration from its impressive collection of male fashion archives (200 years of styles stored in a prestigious library). Shimmering colours, audacious designs... Thomas Mason uses the So British taste, combining classicism and eccentricity.


- Sportwear attitude


Albiate, the sportswear branch of Albini, has become THE global reference for relaxed shirts and those with sporting inspiration. Innovation and creativity are at the heart of this brand's very current collections, while they like to work with sophisticated materials. The biggest international prêt-à-porter brands don't hesitate to use them as a supplier, especially for their very thick “pin” American Oxford, which can be used for a top of the range casual or casual chic shirt. Of course, we recommend this Oxford from Albiate, as well as their flannels and chambrays.


- The up and coming fabric maker!


Mileta is a Czech fabric maker, which has been very popular for a few years in Europe. The large prêt-à-porter shirt brands are using their expertise more and more. We particularly appreciate their business collection, as well as their easy to iron range. And their "easy care" treatment is delicate but effective! We are now working with them on our ideal white poplin: durable but silky, opaque, non-transparent white.


- Made in Portugal


Somelos is a renowned fabric maker in both Europe and across the Atlantic. This company based on the northern coast of Portugal is popular because it offers unbeatable value for money! We very much like Somelos fabrics, especially their Oxfords and famous two-ply poplins of average thickness.


- The other great Italian fabric maker.

Tessitura Monti

Monti is one of the 3 great Italian fabric manufacturers (with Canclini and Albini). As all the great makers, Monti offers a dedicated bespoke shirt service: and in this collection you can find great classics for elegant shirts as well as more casual fabrics such as their thick flannels, very much appreciated in the cold weather.