Workshop information: your shirts are made and delivered to the usual deadlines.


For 10 years, TailorGeorge has been implementing a unique online ordering system for bespoke shirts.

Characterised by a strong entrepreneurial culture, we have gradually integrated the entire value chain of our activity: from ordering the shirts in the e-store to their creation in our workshop.

Therefore, for 10 years we have guaranteed our service's stability and reliability. We have our own manufacturing workshop, our own photo studio and we are developing internally our own web sales tools. Patterning is carried out by our team of designers and we use state of the art cutting tools, facilitating great production efficiency. Over the years we have built strong relationships with the largest European fabric manufacturers, allowing us to benefit from very competitive prices for our fabric stock.

We are very proud of this, which enables us to offer prices that are 40% to 70% cheaper than our competitors.

Ordering bespoke shirts from TailorGeorge means benefiting from a fair price with no middlemen.

Price of a bespoke shirt made with a two-ply European fabric:

TailorGeorge: from 45 to 72 euros
Other websites and stores: from 90 to 150 euros.